Unveiling Canarian Elegance: A Showcase at London Fashion Week

An exclusive showroom from esteemed designers of the Canary Islands presented by Proexca.



On 16th February, the British Fashion Council officially celebrated the opening of London Fashion Week, presented by 1664Blanc with a breathtaking performance by Grace Carter. With shows taking place all across the city and fashion icons taking over the streets of London this weekend, at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel situated a showcase of glamorous designers from the sun-kissed shores of the Canary Islands and bustling streets of Madrid. In this dynamic showroom, we encountered the designers’ voices, each with their own story and personal experience. All displaying creations that serve more than just textiles, with powerful visual statements that aim to bring positivity, sustainable beauty, empowerment and community movement to the forefront of the fashion industry. 


Maldito Sweet swimwear collection is a celebration of the beach, people and the essence of summer “because some of the best memories are made in bikinis.” At its core, the collection empowers every woman to feel feminine and express themselves freely. Designer Nicole Mentado Burman expressed the ways she wants the consumer to feel that, 

“All types of bodies can wear bikinis, so I introduce plus-size models at fashion shows and photoshoots.”


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A standout piece from the collection featured a vibrant bikini adorned with shiny details and metal embellishments, crafted from premium fabrics sourced from Italy, with a commitment to sustainable beauty. The swimsuits tell a story of empowerment and confidence, inviting women to feel confident in their skin. 



Paloma Suarez was selected to present her first Pret-a-Porter at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid at the age of 21. Suarez has since become a fixture in the global fashion scene, as her designs graced the runways of fashion capitals in New York, Milan and Madrid. As well as spotted on many renowned celebrities such as Halle Bailey, Rita Ora and Paula Echevarria. 

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In the heart of London Fashion Week, Suraez has invited Londoners to explore her latest fall/winter collection ‘Brave’. Struck by the solid structural composition of the garment collars and geometric detailing in the coat patterns, it was evident that the collections channel deeper design philosophies to elevate the consumer’s status. Suraez highlighted, 

“The collection is inspired by the energy of strong people. The military silhouette and colours translate feelings onto the clothes.”

The collection signifies Suarez’s commitment to promoting strength and resilience through our fashion expressions. In consideration of the cold and rainy climate of London, we both laughed at how well-adapted the textile selections and coats are for our fashion market. 



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Lepa Punca is a sustainable handmade jewellery brand that embodies timeless elegance and carries unique stories inspired by different people and emotions. Each collection reflects a harmonious symmetry with nature and the history of La Palma. Embodying a synthesis of designer Melisa Rodriguez’s personal history, travels and stories of hope, strength and optimism. 

“We create pieces that give people the opportunity to connect with them and guarantee that it will go with them their whole life. We work with sustainable responsibility using recycled silver and gold plated.” 

Drawn to the sparkle and intricate textural materiality of the silver earrings  ‘Esperanza’, Rodriguez captivated us by the thoughtful gestures in the creation. 

“The collection is very special to me because I am from La Palma. I started this collection before the eruption. I wanted to explore our Volcano history. At the same time, the volcano erupted, so we were very sensitive about this launch. One year later, I launched this collection. It looks like lava. The idea is that you can take it from the ground and create these shapes. The orange stone means the heart of the Earth. The name of the collection, ‘Hope’ represents the character of the people on the island. We have so much hope. We try to see the positives of life and will develop and go ahead. To me,  jewellery is like sculpture or art. I want to say that every piece of my jewellery is art, looking to connect with people.” 

As Rodriguez brings her creations to the British public, she aims to share an appreciation for sustainable jewellery with her hashtag ForeverLupaPunca. Lepa Punca is an investment into a beautiful history and collection that can be with you all your life.



Elena Morales’ brand story was born from the coast of the French Basque Country Molliets, selling bikinis and swimwear to tourists passing by and doing photoshoots with friends on the beach. Morales epitomizes sustainable fashion with her summer everyday collection crafted from Spanish linen. Morales ensures that all fabrics used in her collection are environmentally certified to avoid textile pollution. Moreover, she provides customization options, recognizing that every woman is unique, “my swimwear is super feminine.” 

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Excited to showcase her creations at London Fashion Week, Morales views this as a powerful opportunity to share her visions of eco-conscious and feminine everyday wear.



Pedro Palmas’ latest collection blends art history with fashion, creating wearable museum pieces. “I have come to London Fashion Week because it is a special space for people in fashion. I think fashion is art and they should be together. At the moment, with the internet, Instagram and Facebook, people forget the art. The Chicago Institute of Art gave me some pictures, including Mondrian and Cezanne, to use and promote the art.”

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When asked about his favourite art period, Pedro Dominguez’s appreciation knows no bounds connecting to modern and classical styles. He believes that each art period possesses its own unique charm and significance. With his collection at London Fashion Week, he hopes to bridge the gap between art and fashion and create a walking museum in the streets of London.



After the insight into the Canarian designers’ philosophy and the core mission of their creations, the showroom has left a mark on how fashion is more than a garment. It is an art expression engulfed in the designers’ personal history, stories and contributions to society. Paloma Suarez showed us that fashion is more than a textile. It forms a powerful visual statement of our individuality and personality. With the military-inspired silhouette, her collection evokes courage and strength to the wearer. When summer arrives, some of us may fall into an insecurity trap, but Maldito Sweet swimwear reminds us to leave behind those insecurities by empowering every woman to enjoy her body and make the best memories. Lepa Punca and Elena Morales remind us of the problems of fast fashion and how we should invest in products for life that carry a story. Despite the challenges of the volcano eruptions in La Palma island, Lepa Punca continues to flourish, and it is exciting that we in London can now support this community. Pedro Palmas addresses the falling numbers of museum attendees in the digital age, using fashion as a new medium to bring art to life beyond the confines of traditional galleries. Together, these designers represent the dynamic spirit of creativity and innovation bringing collections with cultural richness to London Fashion Week.


Deepest gratitude to all the designers’ participation in the interview. Warmest thank you to Emily Heap for media press access to the showroom. 

Image and videography credits to Vienna Shelley. 

All interviews conducted 17th February 2024.

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